professional career

Mr. Moses spent 27 years employed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in Las Vegas, Nevada. He retired at the rank of Lieutenant in the Robbery/Homicide Bureau, while managing and directing the Career Criminal Section. During his tenure, he managed one of the most proactive details within the police department (Las Vegas C.A.T. and the Repeat Offender Program R.O.P.), which drew national attention as the number one federal task force in the United States.

Mr. Moses’s years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department afforded him ample opportunity and experience to work as a manager, staff trainer, supervisor, investigator, and a leader, with many transferable skills, particularly in the following areas:

  • Interviewing

  • Interrogations

  • Investigation

  • Surveillance

  • Personal security

  • Safety

  • Training

  • Tactical resolution

Mr. Moses assisted in the establishment of the Scottsdale Police Department’s Repeat Offender program, which has been highly successful to date. Additionally, Mr. Moses was assigned as the commander of multiple federal task forces and as an academy instructor for new police recruits entering the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Academy. He has also worked extensively in the private sector, providing personal protection to Ford Motor Company executives, and has coordinated with the United States Secret Service, establishing perimeter security for former presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.

Mr. Moses has also locally conducted personal/bank security assessments, assisted in the training of new recruits entering the Missouri P.O.S.T Academy, conducted background checks for the Springfield Police Department, and other background checks for local businesses. He has also worked extensively with local attorneys, and conducted background investigations for several corporations, including O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, Andy’s Frozen Custard, 417 Magazine, Copy Products Incorporated, and others.

Mr. Moses obtained his Private Investigator’s license for the state of Missouri in January 2014. Working with private investigators can be a valuable tool for attorneys in various areas of practice. Private investigators can bring their unique expertise to gather useful intelligence that may form the foundation of a case, inform litigation strategies, or guide business decisions for a client entity.


Mr. Moses is a cum laude graduate of Youngstown State University, 1978 in the area of Criminal Justice. He graduated from the the 203rd session of the United Stated Department of Justice National Academy. In addition, Mr. Moses has attended the University of Virginia, Clark County Community College, University of Las Vegas Nevada, and Dale Carnegie Institute.


Mr. Moses has received extensive training in several professional areas, including but not limited to:

  • Homeland Security

  • Tactical Operations Planning

  • Raid Planning

  • Surveillance

  • Terrorist Identification and Interdiction

  • Tactical Risk Management

  • Instructor Development

  • Interview and Interrogation

Honors and Recognition

All certificates, awards, commendations, and references are available upon request.

  • Congressional Recognition from Governor Jim Gibbons, State of Nevada

  • Multiple Meritorious Service Awards

  • Life Saving Award

  • Numerous Commendations From the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

  • Recognition from:

    • State’s Attorney Michael J. Satz, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida

    • Louis J. Freeh, Former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

    • Captain Ed Ripley, City of San Diego Police Department

    • Michael J. Janiga, Special Agent-in-Charge, United States Department of Justice

professional associations

  • Former Vice President of the Police Managers and Supervisors Association (PMSA), Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

  • Intellenet Member—World Wide Private Investigators Association

  • Ad-Hoc Board Member of the SEBC (Springfield Executive Breakfast Club)


David Doran shares his experience working with Jim Moses. 


While managing one of the most proactive details within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Mr. Moses and Las Vegas C.A.T. were profiled nationwide on the following shows:

  • MSNBC Investigates

  • The Today Show

  • Dateline

  • Cops